2018 - Highlight: Rescued a Song Sparrow

Despite this being a personal highlight, we thought it may speak to some readers.

From Katherine F.:

As I was driving in Ottawa's west end neighbourhood this summer, I saw something rolling, fluttering on the ground in front of me.  I was able to pull over on to the side of the road, assess the situation and pick up the bird off the pavement (I had a small cardboard box in my car to contain it luckily!) and rescue it.

I was so lucky to be driving in just the right spot, on just the right day (August 1), at the right time and to have the flexibility in my schedule to drive it to the Wild Bird Care Centre.  It took 30 minutes of my day.  And the happy ending is that I called at the end of the month and found out that s/he did survive and heal (the sweet bird had an abrasion on its elbow and head trauma (ataxia) so they had to give it an anti-inflammatory the first week) and was released on August 30th.

I wanted to share my small heartwarming story to remind us all that yes, we CAN make a difference.

Especially when we are able to slow down our day and find time to help out: whether it's rescuing an injured bird on the road, picking up plastic littering our sidewalks and roadways or making conscious choices in native plants: it all adds up!

To think that if I hadn't stopped, s/he may have been run over by a car behind me.  And thanks to the Wild Bird Care Centre's efforts, s/he is now healed, able to sing again and getting ready for the winter migration south.

Photo (Creative Commons): Wikipedia

Update and News 2017 (July to December)


The 2017 FCG Outdoor Greening Program Complete! 

It has been a great season for growing and expanding sustainable gardens.  Within a week of sending out the promotion for the free Garden Audit service over 70% of the spots were filled and within a month the program was fully subscribed.  We visited ten spiritual and faith communities to view and discuss their gardens and landscapes and offered suggestions on how to make changes to support a more ecological and sustainable approach, from water conversation, choosing native plants and considering efficiency & ecology for their properties and maintenance practices.  Positive feedback was received and will help design future programs.  Thank you so much for all the support!

Some highlights from this year's program are featured in the 32nd Volume (Oct 2017) Peace & Environment News.


Ontario150 Youth Gardens in Ottawa Completed

Funding for the 2017 Outdoor Greening (FCG Ottawa Chapter) Program included both 10 sustainable garden audits and three gardens that received funding from Ontario 150.  All three youth gardens have been completed including a Seed Saving Garden at Tucker House Renewal Centre, Saint-Albert Elementary School's Community Garden and a Quiet Garden at St. John's Anglican Meadow Cemetery.  It was inspiring to see the youth who were so enthusiastic and dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces and we wish them the best so that their gardens continue to flourish in the future!

Read more here: Garden one, two & three.