Updates and News 2014 (January to June)


Endangered Bobolink Found Less than 8 km from Parliament Hill

We read about sightings of bobolinks by Dave Collyer from an online post of Manor Park News in 2006 and thought that it would be a pretty amazing sighting of this grassland bird to find it in a more "urban" setting! So this summer Katherine Forster set out to see if there were any bobolinks still frequenting this area of the city. It took a bit of searching but at the end of this week she found one in a narrow strip of meadow between the Aviation Pathway and the Rockcliffe Airport fence line. (View photo here.)


The Ottawa Bird Song Course is Awesome!

The Ottawa Bird Count 2014 Chirps Tweets and Trills course has been a success with over 100 participants and funding from five businesses, the Awesome Ottawa award and a small fundraising sale at the final class where the Ottawa Bird Count sold Shanti Tea (which was a hit as we sold out quickly!).


Successful Grant Application!

The Native Flora Program at Petrie Island in Ottawa has been funded.  This will be a two year program that will focus on recruiting more volunteers to help with the restoration work, increasing people's awareness of safeguarding ecosystems and organizing a series of nature tours.