Updates and News 2015 (July to December)


Third Annual Petrie Island Butternut Survey Completed.

As part of the RVCA Butternut Recovery program, a report on the survival rate and health of the new Butternuts that have been planted on the island is completed annually.  For this survey, the eleven trees planted as part of the 2007 - 2009 program were surveyed, assessed and trained (pruned) as needed and four naturalized trees that were identified in the 2007 RVCA Winter Butternut Tree survey were also monitored over the past three years.

The health and size of the butternuts on the island is mixed but there are some vigorous individuals. The newly planted saplings (from 2014) have had a low survival rate.  Four of twenty have survived the two years.  As part of the recommendations of the survey report, the Friends of Petrie Island organization plans to protect these saplings and monitor new saplings that come from the Butternut seed fall planting in 2016.


Over 400 newly planted Flora Species!

Over 400 native trees and shrubs were planted at the island during the two year OTF Native Flora Program, thanks to very generous donations from Green Thumb Garden Centre (Nepean), Champlain Oaks, Owen Clarkin (from his personal tree nursery) and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority as part of their Butternut Recovery program and their Shoreline Restoration efforts.

Invasive species was cleared during the two years to make room for the new flora.

List of native species here.