Updates and News 2016 (January to June)


Rout/e Poetry Installations to be Launched at New Sites

Congratulations to Chris Turnbull of Rout/e poetry  who is part of the fully funded CSArt Ottawa initiative.  She did a poetry installation on Petrie Island in 2014.  CSArt is being offered as a "community-shared" arts program to provide exciting local works and a greater understanding of the process and individual artists.   In May of 2017 Chris Turnbull will be offering a reading nature walk, accompanied by a CSArt supported publication "in the spirit of spring plantings"!  Wild. Here. will help her with site location and social media coverage.


Greening Sacred Spaces Program Expansion

Work has commenced with Faith & The Common Good on their Greening Sacred Spaces program for the Ottawa Chapter.  This program helps faith communities green both their interior and exterior. Currently there are some web resources for Community Gardens, Tree Planting & Harvests and Pollinator Gardens.  Funding is being sought to expand the outdoor programming by offering a new and expanded set of outdoor resources to help encourage more sustainable and biophilic practices that can be implemented in yards, gardens and larger landscapes.