Updates and News 2016 (July to December)


Local consultation for nature start-up!

Provided consultation services to a local nature start-up this month.  Discussed local resources for various operating options, grant opportunities and potential collaborative partners.  Also provided follow-up with links and suggestions for next steps.  After being active in the local nature/ecology industry for six years and having worked and/or collaborated with almost FIFTY local nature, ecology and environmental organizations, Flore and Faune can provide advice in regards to current local nature initiatives, various organizational goals, opportunities for collaboration, resources and support!

Contact Flore & Faune today for consultation rates.


GSS Outdoor Greening Resources Receive Funding Support

Funding has been awarded to Faith & The Common Good to start an Outdoor Greening program for faith communities in Ottawa.  As a first step, online resources will be developed including a series of case studies on local garden and landscaping projects and a primer to help faith communities learn how to implement their own outdoor greening projects.  These will be available for free as a resource on the Faith & The Common Good website in 2017.

Funding has been received by both the Community Foundation of Ottawa and from the City of Ottawa.

2017 Update: the Outdoor Greening sustainable gardening resources are not available online (read more here).