Updates and News 2017 (January - June) - Part One


Launch of new Outdoor Greening Sustainable Garden Audits

The Ottawa Chapter of Faith & The Common Good is launching a free Garden Consultation Program to faith communities.  In 2017, ten faith communities will receive a 60-minute from the FCG sustainable garden animator to provide sustainable and ecological gardening tips and tricks
including information on water conservation, stormwater runoff, beautiful native plant species that are easy to care for along with answers to their problem spots with consideration to their site’s conditions.  Participating faith communities will receive a free summary report that provides guidance and initial steps for the topics and issues discussed on-site to Care for Creation outdoors.

Read more about it in the March 2017 Ottawa Chapter newsletter.


Wild. Here. proprietor mentors Environmental Engineer

Providing mentorships is a core value for our budding enterprise and we were thrilled to be able to give back to a new graduate (who was also new to the city) by introducing her to local businesses and inviting her to networking opportunities.  It was also wonderful to be able to share our knowledge of local organizations that would support her job search and provide her with environmental contacts and resources.

Thanks to the Ian Martin Group for making the match!


Continued Funding Support for the GSS Outdoor Greening Program

The Ottawa Chapter of Faith & The Common Good has received funding as part of a larger provincial initiative to implement a youth-led faith community garden installation in three cities.  The Ottawa Chapter will be partnering with Toronto and Halton-Peel to involve youth in eight gardens that will also include public events.  Videos and photographs and stories of the new gardens will be shared on the FCG website and through social media.

It is an honour to help implement this inspiring youth-led project!


Collaboration with Chris Turnbull of Rout/e Poetry for CSArt Ottawa Planted Poetry Walk

This spring Wild. Here. is collaborating with Chris Turnbull in identifying and helping plant the poetry that will be revealed for the final installment of art as part of the CSArt Ottawa's inaugural year.  It has been a successful year with a strong membership for the local art initiative that is supporting five artists/collaboratives including theatre, music, visual and written pieces.  Stay tuned for more information once the Poetry event has been launched in May!