Native Species Planted at Petrie Island

Native shrubs included: Winterberry, Nannyberry, Speckled Alder, Highbush Cranberry, Elderberry Ninebark, Sweet Gale, Buttonbush and (bareroot) Willow species.

Saplings included: Butternut, Burr Oak, Slippery Elm, Hackberry and Hornbeam.

Two eight-foot trees were donated to the island: a Serviceberry and a Hackberry.

Transplanted flora into the more formal "garden area" included Meadow Rue, Lady Fern, Boneset, Blue Vervain, Elderberry and Nannyberry.

Also many Burr Oak acorns and Butternut seeds were planted.

Invasive species was cleared during the two years to make room for the new flora including: Garlic Mustard, Common Burdock, Reed Canary Grass, Manitoba Maple and the ever persistent European Buckthorn.